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By 1onesies Inc.

Welcome to 1onesies.com. We are a company of professional pajamas production and sales from Hongkong. We sale pajamas more than 180 countries. They are all highly praised, especially our pajamas of animal, cartoon, party for fun, onesies, etc. On quality and price, there is absolutely advantage. In 2008 we began to work on online B2B and B2C trade. We have rich experience of online business trade so that we can deal with your order demand and after-sale problems smoothly. We are the real F2C mode(factory to customer) which make you have your goods directly with the factory that simplifies middle stages. This can not only lower your cost but also control the quality of the product. What’s more, listening to your feedback, we can improve, innovates our products and quality control. Currently we are in close collaboration with international 4 express companies (DHL, FedEx, EMS and UPS) and Chinese biggest logistic lines providers 4PX and CHUKOU1. Therefore, you can receive your items with lowest price and fastest speed.

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